Monday, January 25, 2010

What Can Replace Curd Where In The U.S. Can I Find Dry Curd Cottage Cheese?

Where in the U.S. can I find dry curd cottage cheese? - what can replace curd

My recipe calls for all-time favorite for this type of cheese and the stores no longer carry it. (I live in Utah) I was in the cheese of many grocery stores and none of them or me. Is there a place where you can order online and can send it to me? I am desperate that this recipe was made, once again!

(Please, no suggestions for alternative products such as cottage cheese or dry cottage cheese regularly. Many cheeses, including those who have tried, but unfortunately are not identical and can not replace the cottage cheese curd I grew sec): (


mike e said...

Try Gosners. This is a dairy in Logan, Utah. They sell all types of cheese, cottage cheese. I am not positive in the house, but I have again a lot of cottage cheese and dry them before.

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