Sunday, January 24, 2010

Should I Get A Chest Protector For Paintball Is The GXG Paintball Chest Piece A Good And Sturdy Chest Protector?

Is the GXG paintball chest piece a good and sturdy chest protector? - should i get a chest protector for paintball

I saw them online for $ 20 on Amazon, but no comments. Keep it in order to offer protection? I know what it's like being beaten, and I'm looking for something to offer little protection, which usually begins to crumble after a few shots.


Anonymous said...

do not worry thats a chest protect Wussy only shorts and a tee, or if it just a little faster and a few seconds

Anonymous said...

wow you are a complete and total chicken

When I was a kid, my friends and I play paintball in shorts and T-shirt, with glasses store only

If you were not going to make a little paintball is therefore based on Nurf weapons for children

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