Friday, January 8, 2010

Buy Dvd Player Which Is Better? Buy A DVD Player And A Home Theator Sound System Or Attach A DVD Player In My Computer?

Which is better? Buy a DVD Player and a Home Theator Sound System or attach a DVD player in my computer? - buy dvd player

Which is better? Buy a DVD Player and Home Theator system or a DVD player on my computer with a good sound card?


sombulld... said...

Good sound systems should not be expensive. Discover the facts from Onkyo. You can get them at Fry's. ...

Special units better sound.

trade_in... said...

do not compare apples with Apple to try. Many computer DVD players do a better job at home alone DVD player. but of course it depends on how they wanted to hear the issue. If you walk the line video / audio to your TV and computer to stereo, then it seems to make a big difference. If you have a sound system designed for your computer and compare it with a separate audio system, so I away from your computer.

You really need to compare all these things by listening to and watching. no way around.

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