Saturday, January 16, 2010

Schoolgirl Caning Video Schoolgirl Caning In 1970's-1980's In The Uk?

Schoolgirl caning in 1970's-1980's in the uk? - schoolgirl caning video

I work on the deterioration of discipline in British schools as part of my work, I would like information about the discipline in the school as girls had, in fact, it was an established ritual, or lean to touch their fingers on a table or chair cane, young male teacher has been done to lift the skirt of these events are proving very difficult to get through the realm of fantasy on the net do not correspond to a real student 80 70 "and. Please no stupid answers


fiona said...

In our school, women were only the teachers to cane us to our underwear. The male teachers are, what we drag the rock to our tight ass, then turn. If we control our votes, we still have a few shots.

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