Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vacation Cruises For Children I Have Around 5K To Spend On A Family Island Vacation (3 Young Children), Where Should I Go, Incl. Airline Tix

I have around 5K to spend on a family island vacation (3 young children), where should I go, incl. airline tix - vacation cruises for children

I have 5K more or less a little bit to spend. Children older than 2 years, 8 and 10 I am interested in the March 2007 travel. I do not want to deal with a travel agent. Thank you. Much of the information is requested. I do not want a cruise.


gare said...

Where do you live?
California, Hawaii is very cheap.

A Perfect Family Getaway Iceland
LA Family Magazine
http://www.lafamily.com/display_article. ...

There are many places that rent for less than $ 1,000 per week. It should get something with a kitchen for outside dining to cut costs.:
http://www.kauai-vacation-rentals.com/va ...

Here's one that pretty nice (looked like I know you said a big role, but should be more accommodation for a few more):
Kiahuna Plantation Resort 7-Nights Kauai, Kiahuna Plantation Homes
Vacation Package: Moderate
From per week: £ 626.00
Nights: 5
The Vacation Package Inclusions:
5-one nights accommodation in Garden View
Free Night
Avis, unlimited mileage, moderate --
http://www.islandholidaysvacations.com/f ...

InMyOpin... said...

Well, my sister is a travel agency. She said that Bermuda is one of the best islands to go. Safer, cleaner, ect. I have no idea about the cost: (.
She said that Cuba is the cheapest

Anonymous said...

Florida, Marco Iceland, living the life of people, lots of good fish, and everything WADT, have fun, I know

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