Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exotic Pets For Sale Columbus Ohio Howdy I Need To Know If Texas Passed A Law Banning The Sale Of Exotic Snakes As Pets That Grow Beyond 6ft?

Howdy I need to know if Texas passed a law banning the sale of exotic snakes as pets that grow beyond 6ft? - exotic pets for sale columbus ohio

Looking to buy a Colombian Red Tail Boa as a pet and was told that a law was passed in Texas prohibiting the sale of snakes, because they grow more than 6 feet long and other owners of cattle in the past to make nonsense of the release from their natural habitat, because they can not handle care when they reach this length, and beyond. If such a law, that any, please tell me to go to the website to allow further investigations. Thank you!


madsnake... said...

Someone lied. I breed and sell snakes DFW, Texas, and I am aware of all laws, as I have friends who are biologists, ranchers, and oppression. No law has not even tested my knowledge. But first mentioned as the person is an annual license fee of $ 20 required to Indian pythons, Burmese pythons, African rock pythons, green anacondas and reticulated pythons have and poisonous snakes. However, the boas are not affected. Some cities have city ordinances May against certain animals, but no state laws meet with Boaz to care.

twonk said...

There is no law prohibiting the possession of these snakes, especially the operators responsible. However, you can Google constrictor of Texas House Bill 1309 (Texas Bill poisonous snake) over the ownership of these animals. This law does not prohibit the ownership of the snakes, but requires that you have a license. There are some exceptions, like a circus, carnival, zoo and research center. You can know herself at a local fish and wildlife, where and how to obtain a permit

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