Monday, February 15, 2010

Non Zippo Lighter Fluid Can I Do Anything To Make My Zippo Fuel Not Run Out As Fast?

Can I do anything to make my Zippo Fuel not run out as fast? - non zippo lighter fluid

Is there something I can my Zippo fuel does not work that fast.
So, what is the best light, non-flammable liquids (like gasoline) for use in an emergency.
Even my Zippo's stinks when lit, what does that mean and what can I do?



Greg c said...

Down a notch

erik l said...

try to keep up. Not put 2 in the pocket of his jeans. Cotton absorbs and gas evaporate more quickly. But when you meet once a week or two is normal. BIC is not. and not really put anything in your old lighter fluid. Flash points above the severe injury and perhaps say that the explosion of a flash. Fuel share of carbon odors. can do nothing, but the light in a well ventilated. and pull the wick a little behind

nanny said...

Zippos are guaranteed for life. Return to: Zippo Manufacturing, 33 Barbour Street, Bradford, PA. 16,701. It was clean and give new bottles. My brothers house burned down, has lost 98% of everything! He then found a zippo in the ruins, sent, and fixing it up! Lasts 2-6 weeks.

blondie said...

QUIT SMOKIN! lol (sorry)

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