Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pree Pics Teenteenies Im Thinking Of Changing My Hair Back To..?

Im thinking of changing my hair back to..? - pree pics teenteenies

Arent these photos okiiz me ..
http://www.flickr.com/photos/23964288 @ N0 ... in thinking about my hair and other things .. not sure about the blonde ..
my hair is like this now, and I Luk Pree much as he did. aiight lol but now my hair neon pink with white spots randomly somewhere. x]]
http://www.kidzworld.com/img/upload/avat ...

shud i go for it? (RPIC's not me. Luk But like the second girl and the hair, but from neon pink purple room lavenderish pink to whitish pink.

shud I go for a haircut? (In the first photo ..) and if so, what color shud hair and strengths? (the blondeish. i shud put platinum blonde, electric blue, purple, etc..)


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