Monday, February 8, 2010

Is Small Vessel Disease Hereditary Do You Know What Ischemic Heart Disease Is Caused By Unstable Medium And Small Bloodvessells? How Serious Is ?

Do you know what ischemic heart disease is caused by unstable medium and small bloodvessells? How serious is ? - is small vessel disease hereditary

Ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of heart arteries, but also for medium and small blood vessels, which apparently denied the heart muscle eventually leads to severe obstruction of blood rich in oxygen.


druid said...

Ischemic heart disease is usually caused by blockages and / or spasm of the coronary arteries, small vessels around the heart muscle with oxygenated blood. It is a serious disease for which) the failure of this arterial oxygenation necrosis (death of tissue, can lead to infarction) (cardiac infarction.

JD said...

Sudden Cardiac Arest (SCA) is the same as me. ischemic heart disease, a serious problem caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle. The circulation of blood to the heart is blocked by blockages in coronary arteries by cholesterol deposits. Ischemic heart disease is the underlying cause of sudden events like heart attacks and sudden death or chronic condition of angina pectoris. Ischemic heart disease is also known as coronary artery disease or coronary artery disease.

Amy P said...

The majority of ischemic heart disease is caused by occlusion of the epicardial vessels, small capillaries, but they can also go directly to the occlusion. Do you think?

gangadharan nair said...

Please view the web pages and cardimyopathy ischemic heart disease and stroke. Since this type of heart disease is the capasity affected by pumping blood through the heart. Although the coronary arteries (left and right) are very small, is considered very important arteries. "Coronary" comes from the Latin word "corona" and means "crown" derived.
You must change your lifestyle to avoid a second attack.

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