Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jack In The Box Actor Did Jack Box Really Get Hit By A Bus Or Is It A Big Fake To Get Advertising Out?

Did jack Box really get hit by a bus or is it a big fake to get advertising out? - jack in the box actor

seems soo wrong, but people are people who take it seriously as lol
and I think that's pretty funny, in a sense ..
I like Jack in the Box food and everything, but it is a strange way to get more clients ....


The Baroness said...

I doubt it really is. Looks like some kind of marketing campaign focused, as a viral marketing campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the brand and sales. If you go to the site, the site is said: "Instead of flowers, please Jack, certainly not in the menu at any time of day"

In addition, if Jack was not really dead, Front Page News, or what?

Blogger 101 said...

He is really hit by a bus: (visit no limits HANGINTHEREJACK.COM srry lol
Jackin watch box unit testing found that visit the site. Need more information go to thank you
HES and perhaps come not dead PPL wwant to buy food, but the blame is not the fault of Jack Company

--- PEACE blogger101

kell♥ said...

Yeah I dont get it eitehr, you need to I?

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