Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adult Strep Throat I Am 41 Years Old And I Have Never Run A Fever- Not In Childhood With Mumps, Adult Strep Throat, Pneumonia?

I am 41 years old and I have never run a fever- not in childhood with mumps, adult strep throat, pneumonia? - adult strep throat

I still have a fever and measles, chicken pox, no, (not with a variety of infections due to cuts like a horrible infection with the thumb in the 5th year, it was like - green) I do not mean to fall a motorcycle or something, while his never existed, what does that mean?
Once in the army that I have a neck problem so bad he could not eat anything, but gelatin for 2 weeks after the initial training. I coughed all the time for the patients, but not for long because I had a fever. There were scattered large white closure of all but one of the small airways. Right now I have bronchitis - the vomiting and diarrhea, headache, muscle aches, watery eyes and red, but I have no fever.

help me understand this. Sick too often.


Jennifer V said...

The body of a person responds to the presence of viruses and bacteria by the heat itself a new user account (fever). The theory is that while the human body can not function at a level slightly higher (or sometimes even more times), viruses and bacteria can then kill the germs.
Normal body temperature is an average time for the body of most people. This average consists of people who are a place for the 97 people to 100. If you usually free if you have a "normal" temp of 98.6, which is a fever and I do not know.
If you are healthy, take your temperature at different times of the day for several days. Always good to have a good basis for the work.
You will notice that the temperature is lower in the morning slightly higher at midday, and reached its peak in food, before you sink slowly in the evening and night. The activity increases its temperature. The rest is weak. Make sure that person does not breathe through your mouth while you are taking (on its temperature, or 5 minutes before), or eating or drinking anytaHung for 10 minutes.
To see if you are fighting a virus or bacterial infection, ask your doc take a blood test and check the white blood cells.
If your body with fever a doctor should be consulted to ensure that everything goes well, incompetent. This is how your body is fighting against things. It is important to ensure that this function does not work properly!
Hope you feel better soon!

franfifi... said...

I think you should go to the Dominican Republic. immediately. My temperature starts to fail, if I have a normal body temperature for fever. If, when you go to a dr. If you get something to kill as some antibiotics, it goes to someone else. This is not normal. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

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