Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Forward Calls Starplus Sts I Have A Starplus STS Phone Made By Vodavi. I Just Need To Know How To Forward Calls To An Outside Phone. ?

I have a Starplus STS phone made by Vodavi. I just need to know how to forward calls to an outside phone. ? - how to forward calls starplus sts

I have just started in a real estate office and was thrown into the type of work w / a multi-line phone. I worked with a multi-line phone before, but I do not know everything about them and can not find a manual about it. Tried to call customer service. I need to know just how to use the phone to the head of my phone to send home when the nearby village at night. Someone told me it was something like # 74 and then dial your number, but it does not work. Thanks for the help.


Chugga said...

CF'ing is usually a telephone company these films. In general, it has nothing to do with the kind of phone you have. Where appropriate, the STS Star Plus is not a regular phone. You have a digital key system. Star Plus I think the system has the ability to use internally TA, but it is usually made from the telephone company. If the function is likely to be in the main line. You must dial * 72 to hear a dial tone again, then select the desired phone number to call fwd A. You may have to leave completely the call before hanging up the call forwarding takes effect. Is your best bet is to call your telephone service provider in the field and a guide on how to ask for your call TA-use functionality.

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