Friday, February 5, 2010

Vivitar 10 X 25 Camera Binocular Problem No Camera Detected?

No Camera Detected? - vivitar 10 x 25 camera binocular problem

I have an X 25 10 by Vivitar Digital Camera Binoculars and download "camera", but I do the USB binoculars and my camera. I get this message "could not connect to the camera!

Please help, thank you.


Leslie said...

You must make sure that you have installed a driver to read your computer. I think the drivers that end on sick or something similar. If no software came with your device, install it again and make sure you install all the parties. If there is no software to install, go to the Vivitar website and see if they offer the drivers or software needed to run them. Often the company that bid on their website and if you use the product that you can see that everything on your computer.
Good luck. :)

lulusmil... said...

I do not know if it helps, but it once came to me ... Idiot ... I had to switch camera view to the computer. This is made a simple mistake, but that may not at first hand, especially at the time, many things can run an "auto" to do so.

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