Friday, December 18, 2009

Sanbathing At Thebeach Should We Refuse Sanbathing?

Should we refuse sanbathing? - sanbathing at thebeach

So many articles are reasons why it is so harmful proposed for the skin. The negative effects could occur after 50 years or less. They advise us to deal with the protection cream every two hours: No cover ... and stay out of the sun. You say, "you can have fun in the sun ... stay in the shadows" ... and self-tanning lotions offer as the only sure way to have dark skin. My colleague once said, "Why not just the world agree that pale skin is in vogue since that day" ... but the work is not so. I LOVE dark skin in the summer, I feel full of energy to watch. But with the coating to be free, so confused, and no significance for too long. And the touch of sun is so charming. But I am very consious of the structure, the skin prior to mys. Have you thought about? I could lay the basis for the no ozone, that 'd make the zoon and the security level back in the sun? :))))


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