Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Living With One Kidney More Condition_symptoms What Should I Do, Being A Buddy Towards A Longtime Friend, Living With Kidney Problems?

What should I do, being a buddy towards a longtime friend, living with kidney problems? - living with one kidney more condition_symptoms

It has been 28 years since high school, and it was made 6 years ago, my good friend Rachel's world upside down, nothing, and he is now a kidney failure. She is still waiting for a number of kidney transplants, as I enter here.

She has had many operations, had two freaky accidents, one while driving with a persistent cough, "it was wrong, the other was in his room that their household with 6 stitches, the back of the head.

I was with him in MSN Chat, you can visit his mouthful Tim Horton's / and hot cocoa. His moods are easily changed, and I must be on guard when the wings of a characteristic of anger over small things, imagine the worst, he complains that he can not sleep and cries a lot. His two people are in heaven.

What can my good friend Rachel to be done? All ideas, advice from people who know how to make friends, with kidney problems, BTW, the life of Rachel, Toronto, Ontario, Live Help ...


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