Friday, December 4, 2009

Gall Bladder More Condition_symptoms>gall What Are The Lifestyle Consequence To Having Your Gall Bladder Removed?

What are the lifestyle consequence to having your gall bladder removed? - gall bladder more condition_symptoms>gall

Last month, I had removed my gallbladder by gallstones and have been very good, but I am about how the body is not like a gall bladder troubles? I am more sensitive to high cholesterol? Pancreatitis? Osteoporisis? etc. .. Is it important to take vitamin supplements safe?

I am very interested in medical facts and personal experiences.


Rabbifer... said...

There are few long-term consequences if you do not have other gastrointestinal or aggravating factors. The gallbladder stores the bile, only used to digest fats. However, bile is produced in the liver and so on to produce bile to digest the fats you eat, too. In addition, the bile is only a means for the body digest fats and cholesterol exploitable, so you have no trouble fat you need and want, as well as you do not want to be. My understanding is that if you eat a high fat meal, very few that is not digested, the more flexibility on the chair and stinks to travel. There are indications that negative effects on the liver, gall bladder removed.

Corrupt said...

I can not really say the things on the list, but I know several people who have been abducted and alcohol had a hard time processing.

Chino Pacia said...

After removal of the gallbladder has minimal impact. The gallbladder serves only as a storage of the bile excreted by the liver. If you get sick, the only recourse to a cholecystectomy to remove. After the surgery, he still had the gall (important for fat absorption), since it does not jump from the liver and gallbladder. And no, it is of high cholesterol. Quite the contrary. People with high cholesterol tend to develop stones in the gallbladder. The risk of pancreatitis, and osteoporosis is not increased in general. And no, it's not necessary to be supplemented.

impurrfe... said...

No, you do not need supplements. The body compensates for the loss of the removal of a body part. You feel much better when the time of surgical repair. They are capable of things I could not stand before eating. GL!

julikae3... said...

I am working away as coordinator of the Health Unit in a hospital medical-surgical floor / Vascular and gall bladder at any time without any difficulty, you really should be fine ... GB is usually more trouble inside and outside the left side.

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