Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pinkys Look Alike Strange Circle-Like Rash On Both My Pinkys?...?

Strange Circle-Like Rash on both my pinkys?...? - pinkys look alike

First he found out after me and my people, 1 month vacation in my home Big Sisters, and when) we return (1. day, I noticed little red dots on my strange little finger of the right, j "I thought at first it was just or someone pigmintaion flame So I looked fun ...

Then about 1 weeks mutants started ... > _> The big red dots half an inch long and has started all Zigzagy began to turn red around them, two now have a red circle / oval as zigzagy Shap with a red center.

Thanks to his courage and went to my doc gave me some cream and anti-Fungle because he seems to suspect something like "lichen", although they are frightened, because he said it usually itching lichens and / or in a sense, the physical type annyoance noticed.

No itching at all to me, but ... sometimes it is not ... get tingling and numbness in less than a minute or two, but otherwise not really much.

As info Contant premium wine, which I with some great dogs when I was visiting my sister, who had 1 and had his friends, 2 ...


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