Friday, December 11, 2009

Herpes Outbreak In Stomach Area How Do You Know The Difference Between Genetal Herpes And Shingles?

How do you know the difference between Genetal Herpes and Shingles? - herpes outbreak in stomach area

I have both - itching and pain. I had not the outbreak of a very long time. I had shingles when I) 15 years (a small town in the stomach, and now looks like it could be again. I have a small piece of blister fluid in the lower back (right side) ... accellerates say faster than people, shingles, but no pain down the legs to my feet. This is common with herpes ġenetali. I've heard of herpes ġenetali emerging markets around the region and the buttocks. I am a little confused. Can anyone help? Thank you!


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