Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dvd Combo Recorders Exactly What I Needed. Which Brand/model DVD/DVR Recorder Can Completely Replicate The VCR Programming Feature With HD/DTV Channels?

Which brand/model DVD/DVR recorder can completely replicate the VCR programming feature with HD/DTV channels? - dvd combo recorders exactly what i needed.

What brand / model DVD recorder, or DVR programs can be on many many channels with a HD tuner / digital TV or HDTV) connection record - only with my antenna high definition television (non-payment of television?

I mean how do I record TV with my VCR, exactly the same. Significance, with my tape recorder that a program can to create my programs on many channels record, every day of the week, at any time. I discovered to my horror that many DVR or VCR / DVD combo drive has had serious problems * * completely the properties of programming the VCR to reproduce. Above all to watch TV and record or use different channels on the same day. Copy What brand / model DVD recorder / DVR to the properties of video programming with HD digital TV channels?


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